Breast Reconstruction From the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center

Asymmetry, less than ideal results, poor skin draping and obvious scars are challenges that often need correction by a surgeon trained in complex reconstructive surgeries.

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Breast Reconstruction Procedure from Dr. DiMercurio

Dr. DiMercurio has successfully performed over 1,200 face, neck, and eyelifts, and over 3,000 other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, and trained with some of the top plastic surgeons in the country in the techniques on facial reconstructive surgeries. As an exceptionally qualified reconstruction surgeon, he can help you achieve a natural-looking appearance after trauma and procedures to treat cancer or due to congenital anomalies and deformities after previous procedures.

If you have suffered from a traumatic or congenital condition, Dr. DiMercurio invites you to a complimentary consultation to learn how his understanding of facial aesthetics, along with his education and training in post-traumatic reconstruction, can restore a more natural and better looking you.

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