FaceLift From the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center

Facial plastic surgery from Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center can help restore youthful facial contours that may have faded over time. Dr. DiMercurio will work with you to decide what areas you would like to improve and how to give you the look you desire.

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Facelift Procedure from Dr. DiMercurio

A facelift from the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center is one of our most highly desired facial rejuvenation procedures. Performed and perfected over many years, the facelift is now more effective than ever at reducing facial creases and folds. Women and men can take years off their appearance with a special, custom-created facelift that looks natural and reflects inner beauty. Facelifts can successfully be performed on patients who are starting to show signs of aging, or are in their 60s, 70s and 80s, but wish to take years off their looks.

Facial implants are a safe and easy way to enhance your cheeks, chin and lips for instant facial rejuvenation. Made from modem materials, facial implants now have the most natural look and feel possible, allow patients to heal in record time, and create long-lasting results.

Dr. DiMercurio places the implant in the desired location in a simple procedure that usually lasts less than thirty minutes. Using inconspicuous incisions, Dr. DiMercurio inserts the implant and closes the area with sutures.

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